Special Announcement: S2S will be closed July 1st-July 4th due to a large catering event. (please read the post below for more details)

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We have an important announcement to share on what you can expect from S2S over the next couple of months with our regular business hours at the restaurant. 

First of all, Jonathan and I cannot say enough how thankful we feel to own our businesses in the best community, and be creating products we make, and serving the people that we love.  It is because we also love our S2S team, these awesome people who are our extended family, that we want to take good care of them also.

It has been a challenging past 15 months to balance all of the changes, state regulations, and make multiple decisions and pivots to keep our business moving forward.  We are thrilled to report that the restaurant and catering program is doing great! The pace has returned back to a level that requires all hands on deck all the time. We can even use a few more if we ever decide we can add more seats back to our dining room and add more catering jobs to the mix.  

Here is the situation: A recent challenge that we have identified is that it has become difficult for us to manage some of our larger catering events while also having the restaurant open.  In order to safeguard the health and well-being of our team there will be certain weeks or weekends that we will not be open at the restaurant so that we can put our focus in the catering events that we committed to, this is mostly in the case of the larger ones that reserved before the pandemic. When we started our business we never intended to have to close the restaurant in order to handle a catering.  Hopefully someday we will get back to that way of doing our business. In the meantime you will see us closed at certain points this summer so that we do not overwhelm our team with too heavy of a load of work.

These are the upcoming dates you can expect that we will not be open for regular restaurant hours while we are prepping and handling our larger catering events.  If anything changes we will keep you posted.  All other times you can visit us at the restaurant Thursday-Sunday 9am-2pm.

This week Thursday-Sunday, July 1st-4th we will be closed all days 

Thursday – Sunday, July 29th- August 6th (we will open for the weekend on the 7th and 8th)

Thursday through Sunday August 26th- August 29th

Thursday through Sunday September 2nd- 5th

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you soon.  We know you have a lot of choices out there when it comes to going out to eat and feel grateful when you choose us.  There are some really great breakfast/brunch places out there, our fellow restauranteurs that you can continue to support when we are closed- I know they will be thrilled to take care of you.

Love, Jonathan and Stephanie and the S2S Team